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in Britanny


Carol and Harvey would like to invite you to share some of our interests. This page is an unashamed link farm principally intended to promote our own websites ...

Search Engine Optimisation

I (Harvey) first started maintaining and further developing our newly purchased website Pear Blossom House five years ago. It occurred to me that if, for some reason, Pear Blossom House did not suit the needs of our site visitors at that time, we could still remain in the frame for future occasions if we could help, for example, by pointing the way to another site. I discovered that this sort of activity could lead to improvements in Search Engine Exposure - the art of Search Engine Optimisation. And so I joined the Zeus linking system, a tool to semi-automate the inclusion of link partners.

This works well for the hospitality industry - as per Pear Blossom House where additional information can be provided by the inclusion of links to other sites.

However, it is not as useful for the manufacture and marketing of Stained Glass Leaded Lights. This makes SEO a little more difficult.

Cascading Style Sheets

In order to play with and master CSS I started up the site It fits in quite well with our site for Pear Blossom House because a lot of our out of season visitors are here in Brittany to buy a house ...